Dollar Exchange Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1996 specializing in remittance and money change services. With an established network throughout the Asia Pacific Region, we have become one of the major and preferred companies in the industry. Over the years, Dollar Exchange has strengthened ties with various companies, building an extensive and trustworthy network in the region. We have executed numerous transactions, which include buying and selling of major currencies. Our clients would enjoy our competitive rates and low handling charges.

MAS Licence
Dollar Exchange Pte Ltd is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to provide remittance and money change services.

Our Existing Customers
We have broad-based institutional and retail clients. Our retail customers are from all walks of life, including wholesalers, students, maids, seamen, property agents, tour agencies, and those in the hospitality industries.

Our Values
  • Fast and Secure. Using our worldwide interbank telecommunication technology (SWIFT), your transactions will be processed automatically with minimum human intervention or delay.
  • Reliable. We are licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore to conduct money change and remittance services. Our staff maintains a high standard of integrity and is competent to meet our clients?needs.
  • Flexible. Flexible source of funds - cash or from your account, receive in SGD or other currencies.
  • Dedicated staff will assist you with any inquiry.
  • Low handling fees and no commission charge.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Convenient Remittance Service. For customers?convenience, we can confirm deals via telephone, email or fax.
  • Convenient Mode of payment. The customers can make payment by bank deposit, e-banking and deposit cash or cheques into Singapore’s major banks.

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