We are your one-stop foreign currency solutions center with internet banking facilities for the following services:

We have three types of money transfer services:
  1. Telegraphic Transfer (TT):
    Our bankers?worldwide network with Worldwide Interbank Telecommunication Technology (SWIFT) to transfer/remit money to all over the world.

  2. Online Services:
    We have reputable agents and financial institutions to perform money transfer safely, quickly and efficiently.

  3. Internet Banking:
    Electronically linked to our banker to provide internet transfer.

Money Change
Globalisation has made countries in the world closer than ever before. The need for currency exchange is steadily increasing. Dollar Exchange is your ideal choice to buy and sell local / foreign currencies.

Other Services

Bank Draft
We provide bank drafts in all major currencies that enable our clients to make overseas payments. This is a more favorable and secured way of doing an overseas payment.

Foreign Currency Cheques
A convenient way to settle your local or overseas payment. We provide Singapore dollar cheques, Australia dollar cheques and United States dollar cheques.

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